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Why Join Cosmostarter?

Built for Cosmos

We help launch projects on Cosmos, an emerging network with a focus on revolutionizing blockchain interoperability and sovereignty. Cosmos is among the most (if not the most) undervalued ecosystems right now. The community of devs is world-class and the ecosystem speaks for itself.

ERC-20 Token Vouchers

One of the barriers to adoption in Cosmos is building on IBC (a protocol that allows blockchains to talk to each other). Most developers are accustomed to Solidity and EVM environments. Our ERC-20 token voucher and cross-chain bridge make building on IBC more accessible for developers.

Accelerator Program

We’ve spent most of 2021 networking with top Cosmos thought leaders, validators, influencers, core developers, and projects. Cosmostarter projects get access to a plethora of value-enhancing tools and the best network in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Fair Launch

Our tier system guarantees early investors a stake in the latest projects.

With Smart Staking, investors can lock up additional CSMS tokens for bonus allocations in top-tier Cosmostarter projects.

Join The Community

We’re only as strong as our community. $CSMS tokens will be airdropped to early ATOM and Cosmostarter community members. Join our mission of bringing the next wave of users into the Cosmos ecosystem.

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Team & Advisors

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are the first Cosmos accelerator and launchpad. Our goal is to create value and connections between investors and promising projects. All projects launched on Cosmostarter are pre-qualified and provided with services ranging from marketing, technical advisory, smart contract audits, and fundraising.

Cosmostarter will launch its native $CSMS token in early Q4. $CSMS will be available for purchase on exchanges. Token holders can stake their tokens to earn allocations in upcoming token sales. For select projects, users will be able to Smart Lock their tokens for additional allocation.

The first IDO is on the roadmap for Q4 2021. We’d rather underpromise and overdeliver. Our team has been in contact with several projects over the last few weeks, more than we initially anticipated are building on Cosmos ecosystem and have shown interest. All projects go through a stringent vetting process to ensure a successful launch.

We have several items on our roadmap including $CSMS token generation event, dex listing, Cosmos migration, and building a multi-chain bridge among others. Stay tuned for an announcement soon about the full roadmap.

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